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Would you like to sell your unused mortgage leads?


Selling Your Mortgage Leads

Sell your mortgage leads to over 7,500 registered mortgage brokers and 30 to 40 new registrants each day. All are looking for more mortgage leads.

Ever wondered "How Can I Sell My Mortgage Leads"?
Tired of hunting for buyers for your mortgage leads?
Wish you could set your site to "automatic" and take a vacation?
Do you generate mortgage leads you can’t sell?
Do your weekend mortgage leads grow old while you take a weekend off?
Only want to sell mortgage leads in some states?

  • Easy to use java application
  • Personal admin page to track leads 7/24
  • Display your leads for brokers to view
  • Filtered automated email leads receipt for brokers
  • Database conversion (for larger affiliates)
  • Secure credit card signup and pay the associated fees
  • No paperwork
  • Get Paid the 11th and 26th of each month.
  • Easy "Application Director" to sort the leads you want to sell to others.
Each mortgage lead is offered to the entire database of 4,500 mortgage brokers and lenders and may be purchased by up to 3 brokers or lead may be purchased exclusively by one broker.
Program How Purchased Lead age You receive Maximum
Prime Auto Emailed New $24.00* for each purchase $72.00
Exclusive #1 View and choose Less than 48 hrs $36.00* $36.00
U-Choose #1 View and choose Less than 48 hrs $24.00* for each purchase $72.00
Prime-48 Auto Emailed 48 hrs $7.00* for each purchase $21.00
Exclusive #2 View and choose 48 hrs+ to 96 hrs $21.00* $21.00
U-Choose #2 View and choose 48 hrs+ to 96 hrs $7.00* for each purchase $21.00
Prime-96 Auto Emailed 96 hrs $3.50* for each purchase $10.50
FREE Auto emailed 96 hrs+ 0 0

This Company Does Not Charge Setup Fees

Start immediately! Fill out the registration, download our application to your site and you’re on the way. Want to know where your account stands? Check on it 7/24 on your own password protected admin page.


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