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List of software to help produce mortgage leads.


Telemarketing and Auto-Dialer Services

1. Database Systems Corp – Mortgage Marketing

With technology from Database Systems Corp., you can pre-qualify your mortgage loan leads and home equity loan leads before they ever speak to your loan officers. Using the PACER phone system with the Smart Message Dialer feature, you can call your mortgage prospects and play a highly focused and custom greeting. You then can give your prospects the option to talk with an agent, leave a voice message, hear additional information such as the latest home loan rate quotes, schedule a call back, or simply decline the service. The call can further qualify your prospects by asking them income or home loan amount information.

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Other Information: Outsource Your Mortgage Lead Telemarketing – Call Center, Work from home mortgage loan officers, Mortgage Lead Application Software, Auto Dialer Benefits.

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2. AMCAT Call Center Software & Services – Mortgage Marketing
  • CTI based Predictive Dialers. Users of an Amcat dialer typically experience a 200% increase in outbound dialing productivity
  • Inbound / outbound and blended CTI multimedia,
  • Interactive Voice Response, IVR Software.
  • ACD software, Automatic Call Distribution with IVR integration.
  • Call Management software including: scripting, query builders, import/export modules, conferencing/ transfer, schedulers, email/ fax management.
  • Call Center Management including: reporting, digital voice recording, coaching /monitoring, telemarketing DNC/TPS, VoIP, and Web Lynx online agent. Learn More….

3. TelePC 4000™ Mortgage Lead Prospecting System
Delivers targeted mortgage campaign messages via phone, email or fax to upto 5,000 loan prospects a day on a 4 line system. Comes with FREE 104 Million Listing Phone Disk CD directory. Caller consent feature, plug and play systems.
Listed Advantages – contacts upto 5,000 mortgage prospects a day! (on a 4 line system), never needs to get paid., cold-calls for you none stop 24/7, never calls in sick or quits on you!, never gets burned out like a live telemarketer person will, never stops generating loan leads and profitable loans all week long, never needs any supervision, never needs job training, always delivers your messages with 100% courtesy & consistency

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Inclusion of services in this report does not constitute and endosement by MLG.

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