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An Example of a Good Internet Mortgage Lead.


Quality mortgage leads should contain at least the following fields listed in the mortgage leads sample below. Make sure that you are are getting the proper value for your investment. To evalute your investment make sure to utilize all tools available on this website:

quality mortgage lead

Information contain within a lead is an important part of a solid lead. Other factors that contribute to overall quality of internet mortgage leads are:

  • Lead Freshess
  • Lead Accuracy
  • Lead Source
The factors above are a few of the topics discussed here. Please reference our Guide To Buying Mortgage Leads for a detailed explanation of what to look for when purchasing mortgage marketing products of any type including mortgage lists and mortgage databases.

It is difficult to find a company that supplies quality mortgage leads. Our guide to purchasing leads is a great primer article to help you in your search for a supplier that you will be happy with.


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